Contribute a translation to Discourse

So you’d like to help us translate Discourse into other languages? Great! Let’s get started.


Translators do all their work in the Crowdin workspace. Create an account at Crowdin and start translating one or more languages. You’ll be notified when there are new strings that need to be translated, and get emails when there are announcements.

After contributing translations to the Crowdin projects, there’s nothing more to do. The translations will automatically be pulled into various Discourse repositories on a weekly basis.

Discussions about the translations and how to improve the process should happen in #dev:translations.

Want to know how the Crowdin interface works? Take a look at Online Editor | Crowdin Documentation.

:bulb: It’s always a good idea to start a discussion with your fellow translators before making large or radical changes to existing translations. Please create a new topic in #dev:translations if there isn’t one for your language.


Reviewers are responsible for ensuring that translations are correct and use consistent style and terms.

Feeling up for the task? Reply to this topic and request proofreading permissions by telling us the language and your username on Crowdin. (You can include your Transifex username as well if you were a translator/reviewer there too.)

Please be aware that we are going to restrict the number of reviewers to a maximum of two users per language. We are doing this to increase the quality of the translations. You have a good reason why we should make an exception? Please reply to this topic to start a discussion.


Please create an issue in the Crowdin editor’s comment section. Don’t expect an immediate reaction, but I’m going through them every 2-4 weeks.

Feel free to do that if it helps your workflow. I have no idea why it sometimes doesn’t switch to Done. It always felt very buggy to me, so I’ve never used that feature. I’ve mentioned it to Crowdin in the past and was told it might get removed or repurposed in the future. :man_shrugging:


Hi there,

  1. Request to add sinhala (si) language
  2. Set “helabasa” as a proofreader for that language.
    (I also proofread many projects as well; Store (HelaBasa) – Crowdin)

Note: (for all projects)



@helabasa I’ve added Sinhala as language to Crowdin.


@gerhard Could you please assist with adding MY too? Much thanks! :pray:

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Italian has disappeared… :grin:

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