Adding classes to links in post body for styling

Is there a way to get around Discourse reformatting an Anchor as we would like it displayed as a button and therefore would like a specific style.

the post is posted with the .raw property (I’ve tried to use ‘.cooked’ but this doesn’t seem supported despite what the API states).

posting <a aria-label=“homepage-link” href=“http://blablabla...“>View Homepage</a>

And it is displayed in the Discourse Post… or Category description as

<div class="cooked"><a>View Homepage</a></div>

I’ve also tried

[View this page][http://blablabla]

And this was converted to:

<div class="cooked"><a href="http://blablabla" class="onebox" target="_blank">http://blablabla</a></div>

However if I could simply have:

<div class="cooked"><a href="http://blablabla" class="onebox" target="_blank">View this page</a></div>

I could possibly target it via CSS from the body element to apply the CSS button style we need.

Resolved I think…

[view this page](http://blablabla)

Target CSS using:

body.<insert name of top category here>-* div.cooked a


If someone has a solution for the above it would be a little cleaner and easier to add our own classes to the <a> link and avoid top Category.

Thanks in advance.

The way to do that is to use something like

For example

[wrap=link-button][Link Text]([/wrap]

renders as

and the markup is

<div class="d-wrap" data-wrap="link-button">
    <a href="">Link Text</a>

and you can then style it in CSS using

[data-wrap="link-button"] {
  a {
    // styles for the link

You can change [wrap=link-button] to any value you want like


and then use that to target the link like the example above.


@Johani Very interesting!!! Thanks for your work on this, we will look into this option, it would be great to have in the API docs on Post raw property settings in the future. Or a central doc that groups/defines all possibilities with Post’s UPDATE:/POST: property