Adding Custom field to Topics

I have searched this forum up and down and can’t find what I am looking for. I’d like to have a custom field available at each topic creation where the user can enter / select a specific version.

Our forum is support forum for software and it would be helpful if each Post contained the software version. We looked at tagging but it doesn’t allow periods and it’s free form so we would end up with a thousand different variations of version.

Any way to do this?

I’m pretty sure that’s going to require a plugin.

The easy way is using tags, you can even restrict the version tags to a specific category of your forum.


Hey @Falco

There’s no way to do this right? Do you know where we should look at to get this implemented as a plugin.

I want to add a field in the composer only when creating a new topic that is persisted as a custom_field in the Topic model.

If you have a budget, post in #marketplace.

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Don’t have a budget, probably my question was badly written. I want to know if anyone has suggestions or what parts of the code to look at to get an idea on how to tackle this.

I found this post Where can I view the use of PluginStoreRow? and that plugin looks on point, probably I’ll follow a similar approach


Sorry, I missed what you were asking. You might have a look at the solved plugin, as I think it adds stuff to topics.


Great!, thanks for the info.

Here’s the link to repo for reference GitHub - discourse/discourse-solved: Allow accepted answers on topics

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