Create custom filed for new topic - Any option at all?

We have started to use Discourse for capturing details of products and have discussions on the same. ( see below)
One big request is to have one more custom filed. We are using tags, but that does not solve it. As it is a seperate text field. I have searched a lot and found no real option here. Wondering, if it has changed or any feature coming up ? or any other simple solution ?

Please suggest.

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You would need a custom plugin. Another work around is a template that would encourage people to include the information on the post.


Thanks @pfaffman for the response.
Problem with templates is I cannot force user to fill it and we cannot filter too.

I am not sure, if it is easy to build plugin. Is this feature for plugin something like a beginner build ?
Any suggestions ?


I created exactly the same functionality for a client. If you are willing to pay I can create a similar plugin for you.


@spirobel, unfortunately, it is a small hobby project and there is no budget.