Is there support for custom topic field per Category?


Is there support custom topic fields by category that are operable?

One example would be to have an category whose topics require a date and then being able to sort the topics within the category by the new field?

Of course a plugin or some other customization can do it, but can you just use the built in extensibility to get there?

(Kane York) #2

There is currently no facility for displaying custom topic fields.


Thanks. Would you guys consider adding such a feature? Seems like it would have wide applicability. Possible uses include:

Date/Time of event
Installed count (would take extra support - essentially having likes update a different field?)

Perhaps some of the code from the custom user fields support could be used.


(Ronny Chan) #4

I’d be interested in a feature like this. I’m planning to have a Discourse instance be the backbone of a plugin repository; each plugin would have a topic in a certain category with a field that can be set. An external frontend would then query the API for information from Discourse such as download link, version, and author.

Edit: I found this but it’s not clear how to use this. I’ve also been studying the tagging plugin but I have no idea how that works, I just want to be able to add a custom field to the json output of the topic.