Adding extra warning and confirmation while user trying to delete their account

As stated in the title, my forum has allowed user to manually delete their account by themselves. Is there any method to warn user and do extra confirmation when they tried to delete their account? I have studied the source code and have no idea except making a plugin to add that function.

Can you explain the issue a little more? Did someone accidentally deleted their account?

Yes, they re-registered after a period and asked me if I can recover their topics and replies…
and I: …sigh*
I want to add an extra warning to let user think twice if user tried to delete their account. The default scripts don’t require a confirmation and user can delete their account by simply pressing the delete button once.

I hear ya. Have you considered turning off the self delete feature?

As a general rule we don’t build out new features unless there is no work around or we get several requests.

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Is anykind cooling off time a middle road solution — and now I revealed I haven’t read docs how self deleting actually works. Self deleting helps admin’s work a bit, but rage attack and hurt feelings is not good base to do some drastic either.

This is part of more philosofic question: how much we/them/everyone must protect an user against them own actions. Corporate level support forum may think it is a good policy, if they really cares what a single customer do — this is not part of B2B world, though.

cooling off time should be done by the system since administrators don’t have the time to do the count down…but system itself doesn’t have such kind of mechanism…

Turning it off will cause some problem because the users think delete their own account should be all done by themselves and not intervened by administrators…sigh*