Adding higher tiers for badges! Example: 1,000 hearts

I’m wondering about communities who have already gone through all of the available badges… we need to come up with higher tiers. The ones available are good, but geared towards younger communities with newer users. I’ll edit this post as I come up with new badges, based on those we all have.

Has anyone else done this? Curious on what you’ve come up with… perhaps this ends up being just more custom badges. :person_shrugging:


I wonder if we could someday have a feature that auto-generates new badge levels based on the age/size/activity on a given community?

So for example, if a community is active for 5 years and 50 people have achieved “Empathetic” then “Super Empathetic” could unlock.

This way an older/active site could continue using badges, and newer/slower sites aren’t junked up with badges that no one will reach anytime soon.


That would be awesome. Here are a few ideas. What color would this be? I would think platinum but that would look silver and if it’s gold it undermines the current gold badges a little and the only thing to tell them apart would be the name.

  • Loved - 1,000 posts with 7+ likes.

  • Give love get love. 1,000 posts were liked and gave 2,000 likes.

  • Researcher - Edit 50+ different wiki posts.

  • A long time - Be on a forum for 10 years and post at least 10 times

  • World champion - invite 10 people that have been TL3 at least once (The users do not need to be TL3 all at the same time just need to achieve it once.)

  • Awsome topic/reply - topic or reply reaches 100 likes.

  • Awesome link - reached 5k clicks.

  • Awesome share - Share with 5k visitors.

  • Dedicated - visit the site 730 days in a row (2 years).

Feel free to edit this wiki if you have some more ideas.


This is actually what I want! Example, you can look into the logs or badge rewards and see some people have posted a links with almost 4,000 clicks… so it would make sense to add a badge for 5,000 or 10,000.

Great suggestion, that is cool idea.