Adding icons for the Welcome Link Banner

This is wonderful! You’re truly awesome @awesomerobot!

I do have a question regarding svg_icons. I tried to add the regular and solid ones on the list (e.g. far-user-group and fas-user-group), but whenever I hit preview, it doesn’t seem to appear on the banner. Am I missing a step here? Thanks!


A few things that may help:

  • the theme includes a svg_icons setting, if the icon does not appear you may need to add the name here (Discourse doesn’t include every font awesome icon by default, but this setting will add them)
  • you don’t need to include the prefix for the standard icons, just user-group should work
  • make sure you’re only looking at free icons (there’s a filter for free on their site), we don’t include pro icons by default because they require a license. Pro icons can be added with a plugin, if you purchase a license: FontAwesome Pro icons

A small point to add onto @awesomerobot’s comments,

FontAwesome recently updated their icon set to version 6.0.0 and as a result there were new icons added and some icons had their names slightly changed.

I believe Discourse is still using version 5.15.4, which is why you may be seeing the issue as the user-group icon does not exist in that version. Perhaps you might want to use user-friends as its a similar icon.

You can filter by v5 by using this link:


Aha! This did the trick. It’s the version not being compatible. Thanks @keegan!

And of course, thank you again for this theme component @awesomerobot. I was debating on whether to get this or the versatile banner, but ultimately decided to go with the minimalistic view on the former.


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