Adding similar to keyboard shortcuts to hamburger menu

I’d like to add a cheat sheet image for the email-in topic email addresses and have it display in the hamburger menu like the keyboard shortcut image. Currently, I have only added a new hamburger item that links to a topic/post with the information. Is this a bad idea?

I did read through various topics/posts. I saw the plugin that has the envelope icon that gives each category its corresponding email-in information, but I want all the email-in email addresses in a single place not on each category. I thought having it match the keyboard shortcuts would work okay.

Let me know if this is a bad idea and why. How do people know they can email-in topics/posts, if they can’t find the email addresses listed somewhere. How have other people solved this?

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I don’t like exposing email addresses for spam reasons.

I add the email address to the About topic for private categories.

It would be nice if the email address could be in the footer of each email to remind users, but that would have to change per category.


Could we add an optional replacement string here @neil for email footers to include the mail-in address somehow?


I have only one setup so far and used an image to share the address temporarily in my help category for them to try and linked to that topic in the footer of the hamburger menu. I was trying to think of a better way. I like the footer idea.

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I think the best approach for cheat sheet is linking to it from a custom FAQ.

Customizing hamburger is also an option as is amending email templates.