Adding the reason of deleting posts

####hello ,
thanks for your service .
I want to suggest a feature for Discource .
I need to explain the reasons of deleting any post .
Is that possible ?


You could PM the user or post a staff message in a topic when you delete from it.


Post deletion is often not a good thing to have happen as it can make the discussion flow confusing at best, useless at worse.

That said, members can delete their own posts within a set time period.

For posts beyond that limit, or any post by anyone for that matter, there is the “Flag other” option to bring the post to Moderator attention so they can take action on it if they see fit to do so.


Thanks for your fast reply :slightly_smiling:
I need this feature because I am a moderator but I want to add reason to be register in log “system” and in the same time send notification to the client .


Just to add - It would be really nice to simplify this (both for post deletions and locks) for moderators - a modifiable check list that we can just click on (i.e. choose with a single click) and which then gets send to the user so they know how to avoid deletions in the future, (and other moderators so they know what is going on).

THis would help us make the forums better, and provide better feedback to the users.


Do you mean reporting before delete the post ?