Adding two additional fields to user export

I’m used to exporting users list for the statistic purpose, post_count and read_count are great but I miss two useful data:
Last seen date and last post date

With such info I can:

  • reach out members who aren’t around for a while (where are you ending up?)
  • a good post count it’s valuable for a member but if your last post is months ago, this data loses its significance.

What about?


You can use the Data Explorer Plugin to do this.

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I support adding these fields to the default export @techapj


Whoa I can’t ask for more than that :+1:

Last seen date (last_seen_at) and Last posted date (last_posted_at) are included in CSV file when User list is exported from /admin/users/list/active.

From where are you trying to export User list?

Yes, I’m on the same place. My current version is 1.4, did you have recently added it into 1.5?
I have only these fields:

id	name	username	email	title	created_at	trust_level	approved	suspended_at	suspended_till	blocked	active	admin	moderator	ip_address	topics_entered	posts_read_count	time_read	topic_count	post_count	likes_given	likes_received	Country (custom user field)	Twitter (custom user field)	group_names

Yes, more info was added in user list export on July 15, as per this commit:

Update your instance, and enjoy the :discourse: 1.4 goodness! :blush:


Thanks! Therefore ignore my request, I didn’t know this thing. I’m gonna update soon!

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