Adding white transparent icon for logo results in white circle in Android

Moderators, please feel free to move/merge this with a already existing topic if there is one. But after searching every variation of my problem don’t think there is one existing.

When we updated the logo to fix the light/dark theme mode, we have somewhere messes up the chrome “add to homescreen” on Android devices, which leaves us with a blank white icon…

SmartSelect_20201219-133121_Nova Launcher

Has anyone experienced this before and if so how did you solve it?

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Hmm, I’m not sure, but @falco might have ideas about this next week?


Thank you for the tag Jeff :+1:

I wish I could be more specific with what led to this but that is all I can think of that has caused the issue.

Can you share a link to the site and logo? Is the blank white icon showing on your Android homescreen/app drawer?


It is completely blank on both the Homescreen and in the app drawer.

Your logo is white on transparent, so I think that when the Android Play Store is creating your WebAPK, it’s “optimizing” the PNG too much and saving a few bits by replacing all with white…

Original logo:

Chrome on the left / Firefox on the right:

Which is really weird, because I extracted the WebAPK from your site and the logo is intact in there:


So this has nothing to do with Discourse, then…


Nope, I’m sorry.
However @Falco did still help so I would like to say thank you to you both :blush:.

We have updated the logo to have a background and it is working on now.

I am just a staff member on our forum so I don’t have access to change and test all of the setting instantly and our admin is extremely busy with other parts of the company right now.

Thank you guys :+1::+1:

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