Mobile app Home screen icons appearance variation on Android

Hi, just trying to puzzle something out here and I can’t seem to get it straight:

As you can see from this screenshot here are 8 Discourses which I use regularly or have some involvement in, all ‘Saved To Home Screen’ using recent versions of Chrome on Android.

Some have the ‘Chrome’ logo superimposed on them, some don’t. Does anyone know why this would be the case? As far as I am aware all the logos are set up correctly in the settings of each Discourse instance respectively.


The sites with the chrome logo have invalid “PWA Manifest” files. That’s because they’ve used images which are not exactly 512x512 for the large_icon site setting. For example, Apperta is using this image which is not square. I guess Android falls back to using the site favicon in this case.

I’m working on automatically generating the correct size icon, so this should be fixed in the next few weeks.


Thanks @david - helpful and I can now debug what icon changes are needed.


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