Logo Small and "add to home screen" on Android

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I’ve been implementing some branding updates over at the Infinite Flight Community recently. One of these was adjusting the header colour and icons.

Our “logo small” is now light-on-dark, which looks good on the Discourse end. However, some of our users have used the “add to home screen” functionality on Chrome on Android (may be present in other aosp-based browsers too, haven’t confirmed). It turns out that “logo small” is used as the icon when added to the home screen; this icon is then showed on the Chrome loading screen if opened from the home screen icon:

This doesn’t look very good. On iOS we have the “apple touch icon” option which can be changed, but as far as I can tell, there isn’t a way to separate the small icon from the Chrome home screen icon. Ideally I’d like to set this icon with a background colour, or to use our inverted icon.

Is there any way around this? Apologies if this is a duplicate as I couldn’t find anything else on this topic.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

For the icon, you should add a 512x512 PNG in the large icon url site setting for optimal results.

For the background color of the splash screen, it’s set to header_background color of you default theme.

(Cameron Carmichael Alonso) #3

Thanks, that solved it - the large icon url setting name wasn’t the most obvious :slight_smile:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

I agree!

@techAPJ just added support for this icon in the wizard last week, so now people who are just setting up Discourse fill this early on at /wizard/steps/icons.

(Cameron Carmichael Alonso) #5

That should be enough for new users to see, thanks again for your help!

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6


I’m really enthusiastic about using Discourse with “Add to home screen” + push notifications. (did you enable push notifications prompt in your instance?).

Eager for feedback in this area, which I think can really help in engagement metrics.

(Cameron Carmichael Alonso) #7

It’s not something we have enabled yet but I will bring it up with the team, cool initiative for those who haven’t got the app :slight_smile: nice work as always, guys!

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