Additional emotions apart from like

(Juffin) #1

Just a wild idea, will it be possible to duplicate like <3 functionality and add it as for example dislike for posts?

Like, dislike or ambivalent
(Régis Hanol) #2

You can already do that with a plugin. There’s plenty of handy hooks available to add everything you need to support this feature.

(Craig Oda) #3

If you’re looking for something that can vote a post up and down with thumbs up and thumbs down types of tags, my personal opinion is that the dislike or thumbdown button is not needed. You can already filter topics by number of likes and number of posts.

In the main screen, you can select view by Posts, Likes, Views, and Activity date. This would basically give the same functionality seeing which topic is the most interesting, I do see that it won’t flag the most controversial topics. Though, I imagine that the controversial topics would have a lot of posts in them.

If you just want to express your opinion in a post. There is great support for emojis.


:astonished: :cry: :worried: :confounded: :rage: :yum: :scream: :eyes: :disappointed: :clap: :raised_hand: :fist:

There are a ton more here.

If you’re looking for a thumbdown button, I’m curious to hear what type of behavior you think it will foster.

(Ioann) #4

this is really epic! :facepunch:

/play drama

(Mittineague) #5

I have aways been against any type of “negative vote” kind of thing.

Not that being called out for being wrong is a bad thing, nor is constructive criticism on how something “right” could be improved upon. But a simple Down without further explanation seems pointless and likely detrimental.

It’s enough of a concern that even Likes could be gamed to falsely “elevate”, but I can see where it could be useful for building a Community.

Having a Dislike could be gamed to falsely “demote” and IMHO would be destructive to a Community feel.

I would rather have a community that supports each other than one that bashes each other.

eg, I’m a newbie and find that all my new posts are being Downed. I don’t feel welcome that’s for certain.
I’m a newbie and all my new posts seem to be getting ignored. I may not feel very welcomed, but I can live with it.