How can I add "dislike" button?


I want to add dislike button on every comment. Is there any plugin or something about that? Can you help me guys? Thanks.

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Doing a search for reactions returns a few promising results:

That first link in particular is about Retort, a plugin that allows users to react to posts using emojis.


Hi G3M1N1 welcome to the forum

Yes, it is possible to add to the post menu.

But I question the effect such a feature would have on community spirit.

I imagine most people are tough-skinned enough, but I know there are often members that are more sensitive to negative feedback.

It’s one thing to notice that other members are not Liking your posts, it’s another to know other members are Not Liking your posts.


In my opinion, I would like to change the “flag” icon with that “dislike” icon. :stuck_out_tongue:


But then how would you differentiate Really Bad Content ™ like spam?

The flagging system is there for stuff that shouldn’t be on the forum. A dislike feature would be for content that belongs on the forum but… isn’t liked?

I’m with @Mittineague here that a dislike feature feels a little too negative, but the flag system is for a very specific purpose that you don’t want to lose.


Ok, you’re right.
You changed my mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I definitely need a few more buttons along with a dislike button that has a similar functionalty to the like button. How would I go about adding one?

Edit: or how do I tie it to badges like the like button is

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@mcbuzz Have a look at the Retort plugin code.


I saw that, unfortunately the author said himself it’s not related to the like functionality at all, in terms of how user trust levels are determined by ratio of likes…

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I’m surprised that nobody has pointed you to discussions about why dislike buttons are a disliked idea and why they will never be part of core Discourse. Maybe you’ll decide likewise given more information.



I understand that the Discourse team is against adding dislike buttons, but I would just like someone to direct or give me instructions on how I would add it to my own forum (through a plugin I would make). I’m not trying to convince or disregard their opinion, but this is a something that our users use and want. Not only that, moderators would use it to see who’s not fitting into the community at large whether due to trolling or other reasons.


I believe the easy way is to use the Retort plugin, and limit the reactions available to just your choice of dislike emoji.

Thanks @elijah, but this plugin has already been suggested two or 3 times and it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I need those buttons because they need to tie into a reputation system at large. Basically this is becoming a huge disappointment in the software that I am unable to customize it how I’d like my forum to look…I wanted people to see the next-gen of forums, but you guys are not giving me any options in compromise for features people want to use. For our users, it’s not the point just to react to a post, but that their reaction means something within our forum ecosystem. I’m not looking for an “easy way” I have realized that it’s going to be “hard” to implement this, but again…I’m asking for a bit of direction from some knowledgeable members. Here’s what I’m asking for help on:

  • Someone pointing me to the functionality in the code so I can recreate it for 2 other buttons.

Is there anyone who knows how to do this?

Sorry to point you at the Retort plugin again, but… it is open source! Feel free to take it, limit it to a dislike reaction and then tie these reactions into the trust level system as you see fit :slight_smile:


Ok I can try to do that. Now the only issue is how! :confounded:

If you want to swim in rapids upstream, asking for basic swimming lessons is only going to get you so far


I don’t really have anything to add, but need at least 20 characters to be able to submit this :wink:


It always goes well when people think they know better than anyone else what people want. That was sarcasm, usually no one likes that guy. Too bad you guys feel the need to have 10 replies of why I shouldn’t do something instead of being of the spirit of actual free discourse. It’s like an echo chamber in here… “retort plugin…we don’t like dislike buttons…”


What do you want, exactly? Neither Discourse core nor any plugin we know of implements a dislike button that affects trust levels. If you want that, someone has to create it.

If you want someone to create it for you, I recommend posting an offer in #marketplace – your chance of the team or someone else implementing it for themselves is pretty slim because it’s a rare request.

If you want to do it yourself, you’ll have to do the hard work yourself. I’m sure you’ll get helpful responses here if you stumble over something and ask a concrete question!

If you’re looking for the source code of the Retort plugin, it’s here. If you need general help on getting started to write plugins, here’s a guide by @eviltrout.


My issue is that there’s not a comprehensive api where I would access existing values. A la a plugin api. Looking at the Discourse github there’s a lot of files and for me, it’s kind of hard to traverse it looking for how ‘the like’ works when I don’t know the reference names even. Is it in the database? Is it an attribute? Very difficult to see, which of course is probably due to my inexperience but the fact remains plugin support and documentation seems severely lacking. Looking at the plugin guide it’s slanted towards admins customizations, instead of sitewide customizations. my whole point was if there is no access endpoint for “likes” where would I look to see the core functionality and extend it (especially when its more complicated than using handlebar outlet) ?