Adjust post div section

I’m a new user of discourse and wanted to reach out if there’s a way to adjust the div.section of a post especially if it’s in another language?


thank you so much in advance

Hi @heymargaux!

The simplest way to do it like your mock-up would be to use CSS margins:

.cooked {
    margin-left: 20%;
    margin-right: 20%;

However, it might be trickier if you want to do this only for posts using different languages.
Can you be more specific?

There are multiple configurations possible, so you need to provide a bit more information.

  • Are the users able to choose their own language interface (see the allow user locale admin setting)?

  • Are there posts using Right-To-Left language and others that don’t on your forum?

Using an RTL interface adds rtl classes in several parts of the page, including the <html> tag and <p> tags inside posts, but not on the post’s parent container.

But the RTL interface has not much to do with a post language. I can use an RTL interface and write a post in French.

And there is no easy way to detect if a post is written in another language.

What is your use case exactly? The more info you provide (links to your forum maybe?), the best we can help you :slight_smile:

Thank you for the support. I want to adjust the post div to the Arabic sections alone. Other language seems to be working properly, but since Arabic language format is the other way around - it seems it is messes up with the div section

Do you have a screenshot or, better, a link that shows the issue?
Because I don’t see any on the screenshot you posted :slight_smile: