Right to left interface

Hello Dears,

I want to use discourse for an Arabic platform. and I want to the interface of discourse to be displayed right to left.

Is there any plugin or code I need to do this?

I appreciate your answers.


I think this might be what your in part looking for.

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I think you just need to change your locale to a RTL language and it magically swops everything over. :+1: :magic_wand:

The setting @Heliosurge mentions enables a button in your composer format bar that allows individual posts to be either LTR or RTL.


This button?


One mystery solved out :grin:


Thank you for the clarifications. :beers::sunglasses::+1:

I am not inquiring about the text, I am inquiring about the interface itself to be RTL.

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I know. But I was wondering function of that button :wink:

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