Subforum with different language (help wanted)

i want to ask if its possible to solve this problem that im facing with discourse when i use 2 languages inside it (multi-support section with different languages)

now the default forum language is English. now when i open the subforum or another section with different language lets say Arabic for example , the problem is this:-

the visitors to that section cant read the subjects because the forum is in english language but the subjects there r in arabic language so writing style going to be Right to Left (which is in english) instead of Left to Right (which is in arabic).

the only way to solve this (which i found) , that the visitor must register in the forum and then go to his settings and change the default language to arabic and enter that arabic section again in order to read the arabic topics.

well is there away that if the visitor can open the arabic section link , then it will show the arabic language style only instead of the default forum language style ?

this is the main forum:-

this is the arabic subforum


A plugin like this might work for you. It’s checking the request path to see if you are on the category page /c/arabic or if you are on a topic page that has the english word ‘arabic’ in the title - ‘(arabic)’ (in brackets) will work. If so, it sets the local to ‘ar’ and displays the page right-to-left.

People will have to refresh the page to get the rtl stylesheet, and refresh it again when they go back to wanting a ltr stylesheet.

# name: arabic-topics
# about: set locale for specific topics and categories

after_initialize do

  ApplicationController.class_eval do

    def set_locale
      if /^\/c\/arabic/.match(request.path) || /^\/t\/arabic/.match(request.path)
        I18n.locale = 'ar'
        if !current_user
          if SiteSetting.set_locale_from_accept_language_header
            I18n.locale = locale_from_header
            I18n.locale = SiteSetting.default_locale
          I18n.locale = current_user.effective_locale

I don’t know Arabic. Those are random letters :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it will be possible to append the word ‘Arabic’ to any topic created in the arabic category. I can look at this some more later if you think this approach makes sense.

Edit: it looks like there is a more straightforward way to do this. I’ll try making something for it tomorrow.


Here’s a plugin that will localize any category that is named after a locale, to that locale.

For example, if you create a category called ‘ar’ all its topics and category lists will be localized to ‘ar’ and be displayed rtl. To see the change in the locale you have to refresh your browser. Possibly, when the locale changes there should be a notice that lets people know they need to refresh their browser to see it.

The basic logic is:

      category_sym =
      if I18n.available_locales.include? category_sym
        I18n.locale = category_sym

Edit: this plugin has not been tested since 2016. The approach it uses could be useful for some sites, so I’ll leave the plugin in my Github repo as example code.


thnx alot , it is was really helpful.

now u can check the different :-

original forum language (english):-

subforum language (arabic):-

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