Admin charts widgets grouped by week


Something odd happened recently, after an upgrade a few days ago. The Consolidated Pageviews widget and all the other widgets in the Admin panel, that were showing data grouped by day in the last 30 days, now show data points for each week, so that I cannot see the detail for each day anymore. I was wondering if something actually changed in a recent update, or it’s something related to the traffic, or anything else.

I have already a fix coming for this. Know that anything more than 34 days we be grouped by weeks or months anyways, but I went with 30 before and it was too low. You can still export things if you want to. Daily view on long ranges is not readable anyways.


Yes indeed, I already noticed that exporting data I can see those day by day. But it was nice to see day-by-day for a month (and it’s useful in my specific use case since we’re trying to understand the trend on a specific weekday after launching a weekly podcast).

Day to day for a month is coming back soon as I said.


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