Include graphs of previous trend on the dashboard

This is nice, thanks. It’d be even better if the previous period were charted as well, like what Google Analytics does, for example, (dotted line for previous period vs. solid line for current period):


I think this is a great suggestions for a future version of the dashboard, in fact it is so good I am slotting this for 2.1


This is done

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Are you sure this is useful @mcwumbly looking at the data?

No, it’s not obviously useful at all at the moment. I can’t tell if that’s because the idea is bogus or something is off in the implementation yet, though.

I thought it was just me at first, but looking at the screenshot above, it corroborates that for whatever reason, the data dotted line is only visible for two graphs: Signups and New Contributors. What about the others?

Another thing that jumps out at me from looking at these is the likely value in standardizing on periods that are multiples of 7 days. If the above graphs were for 28 day periods instead of 30-31 day periods, I bet the natural peaks and values of the weekdays/weekends would line up better and the comparison would make more sense.


Yeah the lack of “lining up” makes it particularly useless, so we should fix that @joffreyjaffeux

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On a related note I originally proposed a trend line might be added which used two or more moving averages across the graph to show general trend and would cut through the noise of the dips and peaks. Obviously the monthly or weekly aggregation goes some way towards that but wondered if there was still appetite for a ‘straight line fit’? e.g.:

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I sketched something similar out in the past here:


Just as a reminder my original use case was putting two graphs with independent Y-axes together, namely posts and replies. Because there is a clear relationship between the two – you could theoretically have one topic with 10,000 replies in a week, or you could have 10,000 topics with 1 reply each :wink:


I deactivated this for now. I have multiple ideas to make it work, but this is not the right time. Also I see very different things in the topic, maybe we should discuss this more post release.


I had a simple idea. The ability to grab a graph and scroll it horizontally to display more historical results might be fun and dynamic way to quickly judge short term statistics :slight_smile: