Admin dashboard is overlapping in Safari

When I go to the admin dashboard the lines overlap each other and makes it extremely confusing to look at.

What browser are you seeing that on? I can reproduce it if I resize my browser window with the Admin Dashboard open. Refreshing the page fixes it.


I see this on safari. I didn’t resize my window or anything though. All I did was go back to the previous page and saw this overlapping dashboard.

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What version of Safari?

It’s Safari Version 12.0.2


I can repro an overlap in safari 12.0.2 IF I resize the window by making it narrower and wider and narrower.

Clean visit to admin is not causing any issues.

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It rarely happens, and I can’t find a way to repro this. It just happens sometimes. :man_shrugging:

I can repro using iPad Safari by going from portrait to landscape. Going back to portrait clears the double lines.

Also happens with Firefox. Technically it isn’t the lines so much, but the charts that are overlapping


This should fix the issue with charts once merged:


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