Admin Group Setting Missing

I cannot get to group settings on the admin side of things anymore? I have tried the and discourse oops not found and it returns generic browser 404 and it returns generic browser 404
I am admin and moderator, as well as site initial setup account
Any more info I can provide?
It worked earlier, then it was updated and I believe it stopped working then?
It definitely worked earlier as I created groups and did some stuff with it.

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This is by design … we moved all the functionality to /groups the old admin UI was one of our least favorite sections in the admin page.

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Ah and I don’t have the public group directory enabled! so when I goto I get a Access Denied something went wrong.
Maybe this needs to be accessible to moderators and admins even with it disabled in site settings?


I see, @tgxworld will sort this out so you can unconditionally get to /groups and that we always show it in hamburger for staff!


Thanks a bunch guys! you’re work is great. I agree the admin groups was terrible, I’m looking forward to seeing the replacement ui!

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Fixed in


Waiting on docker manager to recognize the update. Will let you guys know when it’s confirmed fixed. I love yooooooou!


And it is definitely fixed with v2.0.0.beta5 +225