Groups Tab in Admin Inconsistent With Other Tabs

Hi Folks,

I use the Groups tab a fair bit in the Admin menu and always find it bizarre and inconsistent that it kind of leaves the rest of the Admin menu tabs behind when you click on it.

Here is a video of me clicking through all the tabs and then the Group one to show you what I mean.

Can’t it just be like the other tabs and leave the menu there so we can browse all of those items consistently?


The reasoning there is that the groups page is the same for normal users and admins (just a matter of showing/hiding certain content), maybe it’s possible we can be smarter about it and show the admin controls when a visit originates from the admin area?

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Ahh interesting I had no idea this was the case.

Yeah I guess if it knows the previously viewed page was in the admin area or even if the user is an admin?

I don’t think it’d be unusual if you were given the admin menu when clicking on the groups page if you were an admin user yourself?