Admin Groups page broken after viewing user's group list


I have been setting up a new new Discourse forum and used the bulk invite system to add a small group of people first. I gave them default group values but apparently missed a couple people so I am having to add their groups manually as they join, but I found a bug where the admin groups page gets stuck showing the last member’s viewed list of groups and not the total list of groups. Repro steps as follows:

  1. Have a custom group made in your community
  2. Have a user in your community not part of the group from step 1
  3. View the user’s profile and then select their group list
  4. From this screen, to go the hamburger menu > Admin > Users > Groups
  5. Note the list is the user’s group list not the available list of all groups in the community

Maybe this is a known issue but my brief search I didn’t see exactly the same repro steps explained. So to fix this state, you have to go to the groups page and fully refresh your browser and that seems to clear out the cached list of groups giving you the true admin list of groups.


Fixed by