Can't join public group or see member list on group page

I used to be able to join a group via the group’s page - this now seems impossible, and also, the member list is absent:

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@tgxworld this one is yours :slight_smile:

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@ChrisBeach Is this just a public group?

Settings for this group:

Is your instance on latest? I can’t reproduce this locally.

Yes it is.

I’ve just checked, and three of my public group pages work correctly e.g.

Pondering ways in which these two non-functioning group pages are different… the groups:

  • start with a number?
  • are the most recent (possibly created after a logic / DB change)?
  • don’t have me as a member or owner (the others do)

Cool that should be sufficient information. I’ll look into it soon.


Hmm can you check for any errors in your logs? It looks like the members API endpoint is not returning the right results.

Anyway I noticed that font awesome icons with longer widths are still not displaying correctly so I made a fix :slight_smile:


I have the same issue. I am on v1.7.0.beta11 and hosted by Discourse.

(Not seeing any request buttons on private groups and PM is still going to the entire group–so maybe I am not on latest?)

Same issues with brand new test group.

Could it be related to the link on the groups page being

It then redirects to

Back when the landing page for groups was changed from activity to members there was a redirect added. Just a guess.


Thanks for the report @ChrisBeach and @scombs.

There was a bug client side when the current user does not belong to any group.


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