Group listing has incorrect number until clicked

I’m on v1.3.0.beta3 +67

Group listings in /admin/groups/custom have incorrect user count until I click the actual group, then it updates to the correct number. Minor visual bug. I’ve added some members to the groups via API, so not sure if that has any baring on this. But all of the members in the 2015 Workshop group (see below) were added via API, and the number is only off by 4, so not sure?

Before any clicks:

After click Workshop_2014 group:

After click Workshop_2015 group:

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Just checked /admin/groups.json and the numbers in there are the incorrect number (but the accurate number shows with accurate members when I click, above). Maybe members I’ve deleted while testing?

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Thanks for reporting that issue. I just pushed a fix :monkey_face: