Admin log filter shows filters for logs that users potentially have no access to

If I log in as a moderator on my sandbox (not publicly accessible) I can see options for filtering the log to only include specified actions. For example I can set a log filter to show site setting changes that I can not see as a moderator. These options that only admins can see anything for should be removed for moderators to use since keeping them there poses no benefit.

I would image that changing site settings happens only rarely and hence their presence in the logs would be a rare problem if ever a problem at all.

Other than possible cluttering, have these actions presence in the logs caused any serious issues for you?

They haven’t caused serious issues for me personally however I guess moderators may get confused about why they can’t see site setting changes or readonly mode changes (especially because the filter option is simply present for them). Hence why I propose the available filters be changed to reflect whether the user can actually see and not the options hardcoded into the system.

Can you actually see log entries once you set the filter @sau226? I just modified 2 site settings, as a mod I couldn’t see them, even when filtered:

Admin view:

Moderator view:

Moderator view filtered:


I just saw this:

Did you mean your title to read “Admin log filter shows filters for logs that users potentially have no access to”?

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Sorry for not being clear with my title. Yes your suggestion makes a better title so I have edited the topic.

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Great, thanks for clarifying. I’ve recategorized this to #ux, as this would be a new change.

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