Possible to grant mods group access to error.log?

Hey, wondering if it is possible to grant moderators access to view error logs under /admin/logs/


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Could you elaborate a little on why this would be useful?


Just tired of having to ask admins in order to check the error log, especially if I could save them the time and check it as a mod.

If could take then days or weeks or more, when I could check it in 30 seconds.

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So you are a moderator who is in a situation where an admin doesn’t share your concerns? I should say that is something where you can’t do much. That admin doesn’t trust on you enough and logs are actually such data that a moderator quite rarely needs.

If you are doing tasks and tricks that goes over typical moderation role then you should, perhaps, talk to admins and ask if your role could be upgraded?

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Sure, but what specifically is appearing in the error.log that a moderator would benefit in having access to?

You’re asking for a #feature here, you need to go beyond ‘I want x’ and the why has to really expand beyond specifics of a particular instance.

If there’s information appearing in the error.log which is valuable to moderators in general then you can potentially make a case for it. On the other hand this could just be specific to the way the instance you refer to is operated, in which case asking for a change to Discourse itself doesn’t make heaps of sense.