Is there a way to not let moderators delete members?

I already told about my story, but in short, I’m being sabotaged by the forum competing with mine, and they are always buying someone from my moderation to destroy my forum! First it started with them tracking my log, I asked the people here if there’s a way to make the log visible only to the administration, but there’s no way, in addition to this headache, now I’m having another one, there are corrupted moderators by the competition that are deleting members from my site, can I just let the admin delete members?and it’s no use for me to change moderators… There will always be one that will give in to the enemy, I just need to take those options away from them

Try making them category moderator instead of moderator?


Yeah category moderators are your only option here.


You can install a plugin and deny moderator access to logs

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Thanks for replying, where can I put category moderators? I’m not finding the option

Which plugin is this?



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To set up category moderation:

  • Toggle enable category group moderation in the admin settings
  • Create a group and add the users to it
  • In the Settings page for each category add that group to the In addition to staff, content in this category can also be reviewed by: box
  • Save

And then you can remove moderator privileges from everyone and they will no longer be able to access the logs or delete users, etc. :+1:


I suggested earlier that you copy your database to a new server. You could also get your data with a data explorer plugin.

No plugin to change moderator rights exists, so you’d need to develop one.