Admin review, options are `Approve`, `Reject`, `Edit`, need option to `Move`

We have a category named Wiki that does not allow replies.

It is a Discourse Wiki which means it can be edited by those that see image.
Currently this is trust_level_1 and higher.

The limiting of replies is enforced by the settings for the category to Require moderator approval of all new replies.

Sometimes people reply to the wiki and it is automatically flagged for approval. When the post is flagged it is not made visible to the regular users.

As a staff member (admin) I see the flag notifications appear.

Upon reviewing the flagged post three options are available:

Up to this point everything is working fine and as expected.

Now to keep the wiki post as just a single post all of the discussions related to a wiki post are directed to a corresponding topic in the category Wiki Discussion

In the past I would approve the post, it would be added as a reply to the Wiki then as admin I would have to move it to the Wiki Discussion post.


and delete the split topic post left in the wiki

Still no problem but it would be nicer to just have the option to move the post when reviewing.

Is there a way to add this option? Could it be done as a theme?

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Maybe you should change the category setting for a specific group to just see

This will mean they cannot reply at all.

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Sounds reasonable, but does see limit the users in that group from being able to edit a post if it is a Discourse Wiki post?

By Discourse Wiki I mean any post that has been converted to a Wiki so that any one can edit the post and gets the image icon added at the end.

I tried this and here is what I found.

Our current permissions for Category: Wiki


When changing permissions to


my trust_level_1 account is not given image.
It was a good idea but did not work.

Did I test it correctly?

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