Admin, split topic. Limited by new user daily limit

A new user asked a different question latter in the same topic after they accepted a post as the solution.

As an admin I answered the question, but realized it was a good question and so was going to split the topic.

As admin I choose the question and answer post and then when I clicked Move to new topic, was presented with

Is this a bug or by design?

My view is that even as an admin I should be allowed to exceed the new user daily limit.


While the message was still active, I went in as admin to Settings - Rate Limits - max topics in first day and bumped it from 3 (default) to 7. After than I clicked Move to New Topic and it worked as expected.

Nice job on allowing admin changes to take effect during a admin action. I know the pages are stateless, but it is nice to see it in action. Maybe you could use that one for a demo.

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Yes, we’ve had this unfortunate bug for years. The new topic is checked against the permission of the “first day” user. It just doesn’t come up a whole lot in the wild, which is why we never took the time to properly fix it yet. :wink:

I also advise you NOT to keep this setting modified as it’ll open your site up to abuse.


I do appreciate your advise and agree with it. For now I will leave it and keep an eye on what happens. I am noting this because it seems you like to hear about the use of Discourse when it exceeds a norm.

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Just an FYI for a site that is an outlier regarding

Rate Limit - max topics in first day
(SWI-Prolog Discourse link)

A while back I changed our value from 3 to 7 and noted I would give some feedback.

Since I changed it on 09/19/2019, (133 days ago), I have not noticed any problems related to this change.

The reason I noted I consider our site an outlier is that it is a small community and that most of the active users have a masters degree of education or more or the equivalent of related experience.

While we do get new users they act responsibly on the site. Also I spend so little time in dealing with spam, I can only recall having to take action only once or twice in several months of having admin rights and the other admins seem to like that I do more of the admin work, so I don’t think they are spending any significant time on spam either. :slightly_smiling_face: