Maximum topics in first day error, 4 days after first topic

The error mesage was:

You’ve reached the maximum number of topics a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 2 hours before typing again.

This seems to be controlled by: ‘max topics in first day’ - adjusting this removed the error.

The issue is, that the user has 8 previous Topics with the first being 4 days ago. So I think they shouldn’t be affected by this setting, seeing it is meant to only affect the 24hr period after the user’s first post. The posting account is a TL0 user.

Option description is:

The maximum number of topics a user is allowed to create in the 24 hour period after creating their first post

I’d make a speculative guess that the setting might really be ‘maximum posts per day for TL0 users’.

It may be worth checking if this is also the case for the ‘max replies in first day’ setting.

Yes, the code seems to be checking to see if a user is TL0 - not checking that it’s the user’s first 24 hours on the site. If that’s the case, possibly the message that is displayed to the user should be changed. The default requirements for achieving TL1 are fairly low though. I’d expect that considering TL0 users to be new users is correct for most cases.

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@simon Yeah, I’m experimenting with adjusting the difficulty for users to achieve TL1+.

If the functionality of these settings are kept the same (and assuming it is the same case for max replies in first day), I think it could be good to rename them to be consistent with the other ‘newuser’ settings. As well as update the message to users as you mentioned and the setting descriptions.

max topics in first day -> newuser max topics per day
max replies in first day -> newuser max replies per day