How to change topic limits for new users

Looks like the default is that new users cannot post more than 3 new topics in their first day (or something like that). I understand this has to do with trust levels. But I’m not finding the way to customize this in the admin dashboard.

In my case, I have some new users coming in who are meant to be very active from the get-go.

So how do I change the topic limits for new users?


Search for “newuser” in your site settings.


Thanks, but I don’t think I am seeing what I need. In my case, a new user told me they got a warning about being a new user when they tried to create a 3rd topic, and were prevented from creating that topic.

When I search “newuser”, I see settings for:
-max replies per topic
-max mentions per post
-max links
-max images
-max attachments
-spam host threshold

I do not see a “max new topics” or the like.

The one you’re looking for I believe is:
rate limit new user create topic

You may also find this one useful:
rate limit new user create post


Good catch!

Would it make sense to make those settings names consistent with respect to the space?


Our site has the same problem as it is a programming language site so some eager beavers ask questions like they own a question generating machine or something.

The option I changed was

max topics in first day

and set it to 7.


For a related discussion see: Admin, split topic. Limited by new user daily limit


That’s it! Thanks. It is by default set to 3.


Good idea. Another change that I think could help quite a lot in being able to find settings is updating the settings search to not require words to be in the exact order: Admin Settings Search Suggestion - Word Order

@EricGT - Oh great, thanks! This is useful to me too.