Admin status repeatedly revoked

Hi folks, I’ve searched high and low but couldn’t find anyone with a similar issue to this.

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced their admin status repeatedly being revoked? This has happened a few times to one of our admins and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it (i.e nobody has removed their admin status).

If anyone has had something similar happen, or knows how to fix it please let me know!

Granting/revoking admin privileges should be logged if it wasn’t for plugins. If not, maybe you should check if the sysadmin is playing a prank.

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If you could share what plugins you have installed, that could be useful. For instance, configuring the DiscourseConnect plugin in a certain way may result in removal of certain groups (see here).


Hi Linca, thank you - I hadn’t thought to look in the log. Just had a look and there is nothing in the log to suggest the admin status has been revoked by anyone else.

The log book shows that:

  • 17 hours ago - Admin1 was making changes to the platform

They have then logged on again this morning and were no longer able to access admin controls.

Next entry in log shows:

  • 28 mins ago Admin2 (me) has re-granted Admin1 admin access

There is nothing between these 2 events in the log. Very odd!

Thank you Natalie, Plugins that have been installed are:

Depending on how SAML is set up it may be your culprit.