Admin Tool - Search by Email

(Haldron) #1

OK so a pretty simple idea that I just wanted to gauge potential interest on.

For one of the forums I work with, one of our community managers handles a team of volunteers that needed to be added as volunteers. I noticed that it’s not possible to search for users in the admin panel by email.

Thus, the proposal is for a fairly simple feature to accept either usernames or email addresses in the admin panel search. But obviously I don’t just want to put this together and submit a pull request, I’d much rather make sure this would actually be a useful tool for others first.


(Michael - #2

E-mail addresses work perfectly fine in admin user search…

The only thing that needs to be changed is the hint text inside the input field, “username or email” instead of “username”.

(Haldron) #3

Derp! So it does. Was that added in a recent commit? Swear I tried it the other day and it didn’t work.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Good point, let me update that copy tomorrow.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Ok, it now says “username or email”. Good catch and this bad copy was clearly confusing people as seen in this very topic…

(Jeff Atwood) #6