Admin Upload Limit Different from User

The default upload limit for attachments is 10 MB. This is a global setting and it applies even to admins. I was wondering why an admin has any upload limit at all? Let’s say I wanted to upload a file on my site like an application or a program. I want users to be able to download that program. Since I am an admin, I know what I’m uploading and that it’s safe. Why should I have the same limit as a regular user?

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You are conflating two different settings here

  • max image size (4mb by default)
  • max attachment size (10mb by default)

Ok oops. I meant the max attachment size. Hence, I mean 10 MB, not 4 MB. I want the admin to be able to attach any file or at least set the admin attachment limit separately in the admin panel. Say 200 MB for a limit for attachment for admins.

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