Max Upload Size Setting?

I just saw the list of changes/features for 2.0.0.beta 4 and noted the ability to differentiate between uploadable files for user and staff. I got a bit excited and wondered whether there was a related option to set the max upload file size separately also, e.g. no limit perhaps for staff, limit for users.

I can’t actually find this option at all anymore, has it been removed?

Yes, that option was hidden from our hosted sites. Depending on the value of the setting, it involved changing NGINX settings which caused some confusion. We can still potentially raise the value for you, but we advise against setting it too high because even on a site that’s only moderately active it’s really easy to run out of upload space in a matter of months.


Hi Kris,

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t know what NGINX is :slight_smile:

I think we had ours set to 10Mb.

So a couple of questions;

  • is our original limit still in place (10Mb) there a limit still in place?
  • if we want to change it, who do we contact?

Any thoughts as to having an Admin bypass, much like the file extensions, so that administrators can upload files of different sizes to that of the limit imposed upon users?


That’s one reason why it was a confusing setting :wink:

Yes, your limit is still in place. If you want to change it you can just send us a PM (via or an email (for anyone else reading this, note that those direct support channels are only for customers).

This seems like a reasonable idea to me. @sam any thoughts on admins having a separate max upload size?


That’s great, thank you Kris.

Regarding the admin setting, I guess either configurable, or, as the users setting no longer is, perhaps just unrestricted.

I only went looking for this because of the recent change for the extensions for admins, just assumed the upload size would be a sibling setting etc.

It’s probably doable, but it would require setting the NGINX limit to the “admin” max size, and the lowering the non-staff max size within Discourse. May end up adding even more confusion.

This seems to be the outcome with all my queries/suggestions at the moment, lol, I guess I’m guess that guy. :slight_smile:

Would there be any harm in having the admins just unrestricted?

On a related note, if the storage space gets maxed out and a user tries to upload a file, what happens?

Not much for the user. Admins starts seeing warnings about upgrading plan.


Hi Regis,

Thanks for the reply. That’s cool, so they are not inconvenienced, that’s really good.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Hi, would it be possible to at least make the current value of Max Upload Size visible somewhere in settings, and maybe also include a note on how to change (even if it means contacting Discourse to do so)?

E.g. we’ve had somebody run into an issue uploading a file, and don’t know what to tell them the size limit is…