Admin Users list improvements

I have some suggestion for improvements of usability in Admin / Users area

  1. totals
    In Users section we can see users list with filters “Active”, “New”, “Staff” and so on.
    But there’re no total count for every set. There’re totals in Dashboard but they are grouped for trust levels.

  2. sorting
    It’d nice to sort rows in users list by clicking on columns.

  3. “Active” by default
    “Users” menu item has href link as “/admin/users/list” but when clicked it opens “/admin/users/list/active” page. Removing “/active” will result “page not found”.
    For me it’s not clear why “Users” by default shows “active” users. What is “active” user and how to see ALL users?

  4. New users
    Next to Active in Users section is “New” filter. It shows “new” users. But again it’s not clear what is “new”. Because on Dashboard we can click on total number of users with trust-level 0 and get into /admin/users/list/newuser page. It’s also “new” but other “new” :slight_smile: It’s users with level 0.
    BTW it shows me 3 on Dashboard but shows only one user in the list - so it’s not fully synchronized.

So I’d suggest:

  • add an ability to list all users in “Users” (besides Active, New, etc)
  • add filter by trustlevel (with multi choice) in “Users” (not as separated pages opened from Dashboard as currently) - combobox with checkboxes would be nice.
  • add reporting totals in the list (for all filters), i.e. number of rows is needed
  • add an ability to sort rows by column (mostly I need to sort by “created” column)

This is already implemented thanks to @designbygio !


Is it not in v1.8.0.beta7 yet, right?