Show Emails on New Users displays Active Users

I wanted to let the team know that I just noticed after my update to v1.8.0.beta8 +36 that when I am viewing New users in the Admin View. Admin … Users … New… and then click Show Emails it is displaying the emails for the Active users. The tab is still set to New, but the results are from the Active Tab. The emails are displayed. The tab and everything still appears to be for the New users, just the results are for what is displayed on the Active tab.

Thanks for all you do!



Yup I’m seeing this as well on v1.8.0.beta9 +79

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Ouch, @techAPJ can you add to your list?


Fixed via:

Thanks for reporting this issue @boomer196 :thumbsup:

I noticed some weirdness when sorting admin user list and switching tabs. The staff tab was showing suspended users and vice versa.

It might be because we are observing order and ascending property now:

Will see if I can repro it consistently and will fix.