AdSense ads randomly not showing on site pages

Hi friends,

I’m having another issue with AdSense ads on my Discourse install.

When I first load the website, ads are displayed correctly, but while navigating in topics it appears that some of the ads are randomly not loading. And not just one or two, but most likely all page’s ads just don’t show, until I refresh the page completely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated <3 :content:

See if it happens when you completely disable AdBlocker Plus - not just for your site. I’ve seen similar behavior until I removed ABP from Chrome.



Interesting :content: but it doesn’t seem to be the problem, I’ve tried ~

Thinking about it, seems like posts created before that I apply AdSense ads on my website won’t display ads correctly.

But there’s not that much of posts created since then so I can’t tell for sure…

Ok it’s not about posts creation date. Any idea of how to solve this ? Pls :sob:

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