Advanced mode of "Insert Date/Time" view is truncated when selecting timezones

When using advanced mode of the Date/Time inserter, the “Timezones to Display” view is truncated on the screen. It makes it impossible (literally, not figuratively) to see which timezones are listed, especially when using the search option.

I can’t upload my screen recording due to post number restrictions, so here is a link to it: Screen Recording 2023-01-27 at 1.42.21 - Google Drive

Also, it would be nice if you included all of the major timezone abbreviations instead of just location-based. Some (such as EST and IST) seem to be missing.


Ah yes, I can replicate that here on Meta. Let me see if we can get that fixed up. :+1:


Hi @emilycook_circleci,
Thanks for your report. I have merged a “fix” to the issue:

That essentially moves the timezones element a bit higher up in the advanced modal so that when it expands it doesn’t overflow in the window. It should look like this from now on:

I see you are a hosted customer, FYI, this change will make it to your instance sometime next week.

I don’t see Indian Standard Time, we should fix that, but I do see EST in the list.


Thank you! Some other timezones missing that we use often are JST and KST. Should I make a separate post?

(also sorry for using the bug category and not the UX one at first :sweat_smile:)


No worries, now moved to ux. A separate topic for the timezones would be great, yes.