Advanced Search: Find posts having staff color

I have a forum where staff have marked many particularly explanatory topics/posts with staff color over time. Initially just to highlight them a bit more in the thread. But now we have the need to gradually parse all these topics/posts thus marked, and compile documentation from them.

AFAICS the Advanced Search function does not support a filter to retrieve them.

Feature: This might be added as an entry in the Only return topics/posts… dialog with a value of [ having staff color ]

Or is there another way we could get at them with relative ease?


A data explorer query?


Ah, thank you @JonathanShaw! It looks like this could offer a well-enough solution for my use case. For those, like me, that were unaware of Data Explorer:

I’ll check it out and see if I can come up with the proper SQL Query (maybe it is even already listed somewhere).

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