Group forum members based on topics viewed?

I am thinking about setting up a re targetting campaign where I will send specific emails to users who viewed specific topics on my forum.

For example someone views a topic about camping tips, I then send them an email where I refer them to a blog on my website about ‘10 tips you must know about camping’

I know that sending emails with discourse is going to be hard, but could I somehow group members based on topics that they have viewed, and then export their emails, and add them to the email marketing campaign?

I know I can just do something similar with facebook re targeting ads (which I will do for sure), but was wondering if this could be a possible alternative.

Thanks in advance

This is the sort of analysis you can do with Data Explorer - do you have this installed?


This seems like the perfect plugin!

the only problem is I don’t know how to make/write queries. Is there any easy way around that, or will I just have to learn?

This topic has a ton of useful example queries. Chances are some may be pretty close to what you’re looking for, and by playing around a bit you’ll start to get a feel for how the queries are constructed: