Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown)

I have a problem with the Category Lockdown plugin : i don’t have the “Category Lockdown” section in my settings. Somebody can show me where it is ?

Settings of plugin itself?

Via admin > plugins and this:

Or directly admin > settings > plugins and scrolling as long you find it.

(I could/should give you direct link but I don’t remember it…)

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Everything was already activated, but I deactivated then reactivated the plugin and it finally updated my category settings page, which now offers the section. Thanks :slight_smile:

So there was some rogue byte without holiday spirit…

I did rebuilding about 15 minutes ago and the plugin made forum showing splashscreen of loading infinitely. And that is propably the reason why logs of Discourse shows nothing, I reckon.

But it is broken somehow.


It’s not working anymore can someone fix it?


Due to multiple recent changes in the Discourse codebase, there are a lot of broken plugins and TCs at the moment.

Pavilion are working through them, but it may take some time. If Category Lockdown is of high value to you and you are in a position to sponsor the fix, please let us know.


Great news! The plugin has been updated and is now working again. If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to let us know. Appreciate your understanding!

EDIT: Special thanks to @RGJ for taking care of this update!


Additionally - it should be good to know that the category specific configuration has been moved to the “Security” tab.


This is more or less just heads up: using this plugin OP will leak out to RSS-feed of latest. If that is not acceptable then one should find another way to advertise limited categories.


I wonder if that could be disabled (or have the option to be disabled) for categories where this plugin is active.

If I understand right the problem is security setting where every can read. That should be changed or do other magic to stop its effect over everything, including RSS-feed, and I’m not that sure if Pavilion & co. are willing to spend theirs time over such low demand feature.

I don’t know if this kind disclaimer is really needed, but I don’t know anything and I’m just wildly guessing.

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Should be possible to redirect the locked posts in non-logged users?

Perhaps I need to configure something but I see 404 errors on visitors that didn’t logged to our instance and that works against our purpose: engage new paid subscriptors with our landing posts :slight_smile:

That is totally possible (I have just double checked on today’s tests-passed), I’m afraid you have configured something incorrectly. Is the link you are redirecting to accessible for anonymous users?