Advice on a support bot for a technical support forum (Discourse AI vs Discourse Chatbot)

Our AIBot will use hybrid search, combining both keyword and semantic search. If you didn’t enable embeddings properly, it will only use keyword search. To enable embeddings follow Enable Related Topics. After that it will slowly backfill in the background using the choosen model / provider.


Any news/updates on how it is working?

We decided to go with Discourse Chatbot because it has some features we need and Robert is helping us build a few additional features to get us all the way there. I’ll post a link when it’s up and running in case you want to try it but it will probably take at least a month.


Great to hear about that for your forum!

Thanks for the update.


Maybe RLHF is on the way out.

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Not suggesting this be added but useful for ideas in the future.

“DiagGPT: An LLM-based Chatbot with Automatic Topic Management for Task-Oriented Dialogue” by Lang Cao (pdf )


For those that recognize the info it was also posted here.


“RAG vs Fine-tuning: pipelines, tradeoffs, and a case study on agriculture” (pdf) by Aman Gupta, Anup Shirgaonkar, Angels Balaguer, Bruno Silva, Daniel Holstein, Dawei Li, Jennifer Marsman, Leonardo Nunes, Mahsa Rouzbahman, Morris Sharp, Nick Mecklenburg, Rafael Padilha, Ranveer Chandra, Renato Cunha, Roberto Estevão, Ryan Tsang, Sara Malvar, Swati Sharma, Todd Hendry, Vijay Aski, Vijetha Vijayendran, Vinamra Benara