Integrating GPT3-like bots?


I see there are a few interesting topics on integrating bots at various levels into Dicsourse, but I did not see any topics about integrating the big, large-memory model AI bots like GPT-3, BlenderBot etc. Has anyone thought about this? or even made any progress implementing the idea?

I am thinking of setting up another instance of Discourse with one of the big AI bots as an ordinary user on the system who participates like any other human user - but perhaps only replies when a post is directed at him specifically or where his handle is mentioned in a post.

Before I jump in again with a new instance, I thought I might get some feedback first this time . .

Thanks for any enlightenment . .


Yeah, that would be a fun experiment.
I’ve also been thinking about the ability to hook up something like DialogFlow to the Chat plugin.

I don’t have immediate dedicated time for this but I would love to think along and experiment a bit together with a few like minded people.


Excellent! My thought ATM is to be able to add lots of different AI apps on to the central entity as time goes on - sort of in the same way that the mammalian / human brain evolved with duplication and specialisation . .

Maybe I should create the Discourse instance to get started with?


Maybe let’s start with some technical design first. What kind of API do we connect to? Do we need a piece of software in between both systems or would a plugin that calls the GPT API suffice?

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@RGJ ,

I did see the Hubot posts before - and I did think about experimenting with that option as a learning exercise before jumping in with something needing wheel invention - do you think that would useful?

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Yes, absolutely. I’ll be away for around a week and after that I can spend some time playing around with things. I’m not a big Node fan though, I would prefer to do this in Python, Ruby or PHP. But let’s get some experience with this first.

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My preference would be Ruby!

Excellent! - I will be travelling for a bit too but will have a closer read before I get back . .


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