After clicking on discobot message in the notification window, "Your first notification! Select it to begin." repeats

  1. New user signs up and enters Discourse for the first time.
  2. New user sees “Your first notification! Select it to begin.”
  3. New user clicks on profile photo to show notification window
  4. New user clicks on “Welcome to #NYCEDU!” (title of welcome message)
  5. Discourse displays “Your first notification! Select it to begin.” again
  6. Rinse and repeat steps #3-#5. This user actually had to force refresh the page to finally get out of the loop.

I have no repro on this. Can you try to repro it on ? if yes maybe a video would help too please.

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Here’s a video of the bug happening on our site.

This did not happen on the site using the same exact computer / browser / email address format, etc.

Another important note is that I tried to reproduce this bug on in my own computer and browser, and I didn’t experience it. I also didn’t experience it on my mobile device. However, when I tried on the original user’s setup, the bug you see above happened.

Thanks for the video, but basically it’s hard for me to do anything here. No repro on anything else than this computer makes it very hard. it could be literally anything…

The last things you could do is:

  • look at browser console to see if any error is happening during these clicks
  • try with safe-mode

I’ll do some research and report back!