After successful login, how do I redirect to my Discourse URL with logged in state (SSO)?

Hi All,

Happy new year!

I am using discourse SSO and it’s working fine but the question I have that after enabling SSO parameters, the user has to go to Discourse (my own URL) and click on login button to generate payload that goes to my internal website and generate session/sso_login?sso=payload&sig=sig this URL.

I am looking for a scenario the user goes to my own website and login after successful login they redirected to my Discourse URL with logged in state (SSO). I don’t want my user to click on Discourse login button and then redirected to SSO. Is it possible? Please guide me the best way to do this.

Thanks so much!

You can achieve something similar to this by creating links to your Discourse site in the form outlined here: Create an SSO login link.


Thanks, @simon. Very helpful! I will try this out. Appreciate it.