Redirect after login one like logout redirect

How about feature like redirect after login the one like logout redirect.

Is there any way when i use URL for user login and as soon as user login he will redirect to custom provide domain in redirect_url query string.

Maybe I’m missing something. If you redirect someone to another site after they sign in, how will they ever use Discourse?

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@downey i mean which works only when i redirect user from other domain to discourse using URL: and as soon as user authenticate in discourse it will redirect them to as in Query string value.

After that user can go back to Discourse any time through the link for it.

That seems a bit counter-intuitive
If I log in to the SitePoint forums and end up at SitePoint the site, despite there being an available link to the forum, that isn’t what I’d expect. It would feel more like a hijack of my log-in or that there was a bug.

Maybe you are more concerned about the SSO process?

Something Like SSO but i want to use discourse login mechanism.

Discourse can serve “reverse SSO” to your site, if that’s what you want?

Yes, where i can use discourse Login for SSO.